Entrepreneurship has no age. It is
passion, a vision, and a desire to have
your own business. Tshepo Maremane
(23) from Polokwane is the owner of two
Galitoe franchisers in Polokwane; one in
CBD and the other just outside of town
near Baloni Platinum Mine. His also
a forex trader and is a stern believer in
building wealth by investing in his craft,
time, and business interests. We caught
up with him at Thulani Lodge in Melville
to find out more about him.
Maremane is young, vibrant, and kind
at heart. He acknowledges his success and
is in no way boastful about it. Growing up,
he watched his parents own a McDonalds
franchise and from curiosity, he’d always
ask questions about the business. His
father then decided to employ him so he
could learn the ropes of the business.
Maremane started as a cashier, then
moved up to being a manager, and like
his father, he is now a proud owner of
his own franchise. During the time he
worked at McDonalds he learn’t and
acquired knowledge of the business’s
gross profit, tax rate, stock amount, and
how to focus his attention on the different
departments of a business.
His main focus is employing women.
He aims to decrease the gap between
males and females by giving women the
tools and knowledge on how to start
their own business. “I want to encourage
women to start their own business
rather than relying on another person
to take care of them. Don’t stay in your
comfort zone. Be comfortable with being
uncomfortable,” he advises.
Alongside empowering women,
black empowerment and uplifting
the community is important to
Maremane. His first franchise has 82%
female representation and 22% male
representation. The female staff is higher
because Galitoes is a food outlet and
he believes that women have a natural
flare in the kitchen and of ensuring the
rest of the outlet runs well. His second
franchise has 100% female staff and 100%
community people. The heart of his
business is helping people and it drives
him to wake up every day and make a
difference in the lives of people.
Upon entering into entrepreneurship,
Maremane realised that fellow
entrepreneurs, moreso in the food
industry, did not want to share their
knowledge on how their business
succeeded and give him tips and advice
on how to improve his own business.
Realising the difficulty of mentorship,
and with the succession of his business, he
helps young black aspiring entrepreneurs
know the resources needed for their
business to succeed and advises them to
study in the field of business to be able
to handle their finances and spend their
money wisely. He raisers future leaders
who’ll build their own empires and pass
on their knowledge to those in need.
Being your own boss is a pleasure. “I
have time for myself and I make my own
decisions. I’m not obliged to do anything
and I have the freedom to be at any place
at any time at my own convenience,”
Maremane adds.
Maremane regularly hosts seminars
and talks to pass on his knowledge
to young people. If you, your school,
or business would like a talk from
Maremane email him at globaleye703@
gmail.com and follow him on Instagram

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