Top 6 Trending Skincare Ingredients

At the supercharged pace with which technology moves today it is almost impossible to keep up with changes of ingredients and new innovations in our industry. How do you keep up with what is trending when with the blink of an eye Hyaluronic acid is yesterday’s news and the new must have is “Bee Venom” or last year’s Green tea is this year’s Ginseng!

After having shifted through a mountain of information and decided to break it down and bring you the Highlights.

Must Have

DNA Repair Enzymes– some would say that it has revolutionised age defying against UV radiation!

Imagine this… an ingredient when applied to sun damaged skin can potentially prevent the development of cancer, reverse the effects of UV exposure and prevent all related UV-ageing like wrinkles, sun spots and sagging.  The answer is Yes, DNA repair enzymes can.

Over exposure of the sun leads to strands between your DNA being damaged which then sets off a chain reaction, impeding cell function that can ultimately cause the mutations that lead to cancer. DNA repair enzymes have the ability to eliminate the damaged DNA, repair and correct the sequence leaving the skin more resilient, younger looking and healthier.

The Green Buzz

In the natural skin care arena Marine Biotechnology is a game changer and can be considered a ‘Cosmeceutical’. Its application goes beyond the benefits of traditional skincare products. It is seen as the future of results-oriented cosmetics and the bonus, its 100% natural.

What is marine biotechnology? To put it simply, it is the technique of using marine micro-organisms to produce or transform an active ingredient without the addition of chemicals or artificial products, making it eco-friendly!

Marine Biotechnology provides the cosmetic industry with highly potent ingredients providing powerful results. With almost an infinite number of possibilities for new skincare applications it consistently delivers proven long term and visible results, in one instance wrinkles are visibly smoother in just one hour.

Sunblock Innovations

Sunblocks are fast becoming the new super creams, with companies making them worth their money.

Look out for these new innovations, an all-in-one product containing, SPF (sun protection factor) together with an EPF (environmental protection factor); which combines a cocktail of antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental aggression as well as DNA repair enzymes…..sounds like a well-coordinated attack on Ageing!

The other breakthrough is an SPF that gives maximum protection against UV radiation but allows Vitamin D absorption which contains Solar D.  These two processes are normally mutually exclusive which has led to a number of health concerns. I suffer from severe hyper- pigmentation and wear sunblock 24/7, 365 hence I developed such extreme VitD insufficiency that brought an onset of chronic inflammation in my body. Approximately 40% of children and 60% of adults suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. With this new innovation you get the best of worlds, a protected skin and a healthy body.


Me Make-up

One of the largest growing trends is Hyper-personalisation, consumers want tailor made everything, “not any red lipstick but the red lipstick made for me”. We are seeing major strides in the world of colour cosmetic ingredients with this trend called Custom Blending.

Everything from your eyeshadow, to lip gloss, lipstick and even foundation can be uniquely signature blended just for you. You can go one step further and change the performance of your foundation; you can request more oil control, change the texture, go from more coverage to sheer and best of all, get the perfect colour match for you.

Bee Venom

One of the over-the –top ingredients trending right now is Bee Venom. Yes, being lightly stung or at least fooling your skin into thinking it has been gently stung by a compound called Melittin produces great Anti-ageing benefits.

The theory is that by applying Bee Venom directly to skin should trigger off a healing effect thereby stimulating Collagen production and plumping fine lines and wrinkles. The sensation on the skin varies from no unusual feeling to a mild tingling sensation.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best-Friend

Using Precious Gems in skincare is all the rage at the moment. Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds are being incorporated into cleansers and exfoliators as a polishing agent.

As fine as dust particles they are gentle on the skin but at the same time hard enough and smooth to be considered for their great exfoliating benefits. Watch out for hefty price tag.

Hope that this has shed some light on the movers and shakers in the world of skincare ingredients.


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